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11 月17 日,在安多熱貢(今青海省黃南州同仁縣)和安多澤庫(今青海省黃南州澤庫縣),有兩位藏人自焚犧牲。
同仁縣保安鎮的婦女加姆吉(Chakmo Kyi),在這天下午4 點左右,在隆務寺附近的商店街自焚,當場犧牲。當地藏人僧俗將她的遺體抬到度母廣場超度、祈福。並在隆務寺後山東加拉區為加姆吉隆重火葬。
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November 17, 2012
A tree of ripen and bright mango for your long journey. You will have enough to fill your spirit bodies and bright mango will lit your way. 
For Chagmo Kyi, 27, a mother of two children
For Sandag Tsering, a father of one child
who self-immolated in Rebkong, Amdo, Tibet



Chagmo Kyi

Date: November 17, 2012
Protest location: Dolma Square, Rebkong (Chinese: Tongren), Qinghai
Age: Unknown
Current whereabouts/wellbeing: Deceased 
Info: A Tibetan mother of two, Chagmo Kyi, self-immolated on November 17 at around 4 pm and died in Dolma Square, Rebkong (Chinese: Tongren), Qinghai.
Local lay Tibetans and monks gathered to mark Chagmo Kyi's death despite an intense military buildup in the area following peaceful protests and other self-immolations over the past week. According to Tibetan sources hundreds of Tibetans attended her cremation, at a site normally used for the cremation of monks and lamas. They were surrounded by troops. 
ICT Report:

In Rebkong, 26 years old Chagmo Kyi, had left letters written in Chinese and in Tibetan before her self-immolation at the Dolma grounds on Saturday. In her letters, Chagmo Kyi expressed her wish for equality of all nationalities and called on the new Chinese leader Xi Jinping to meet with the Dalai Lama. She had written the word peace on the letter sheet.
Chagmo Kyi, a native of Rebkong Meypa Khagya village in eastern Tibet, self-immolated at the Dolma Square in front of Rongwo Monastery in Rebkong at around 4 pm (local time). She is believed to have been around 27 years of age and has two children.
According to the Dharamshala based rights group, Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Chagmo Kyi passed away at the site of her protest. Her body was later taken to the Rongwo Monastery where thousands of Tibetans reportedly gathered to offer prayers.
“At around 7 pm (local time), Kyi’s body was moved to a cremation site on a nearby hill behind Rongwo Monastery,” TCHRD said. “At the cremation site, a large number of Tibetans were loudly reciting Mani mantras and special prayers associated with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Monks were carrying out preparations to cremate the body.”
Various sources have told Phayul that a large number of Chinese armed forces have been deployed in the region, further increasing tensions. Severe restrictions on the movement of local Tibetans in Rebkong region, which alone has seen eight self-immolation protests in November, have been placed.



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